I’m a teacher; a high-school art teacher, to be exact.  I think we get a bad rap sometimes with both the general public and our students, families, and friends. There are many misconceptions out there about what we do and who we are.

I wanted to write about the truth as I see it- my own, personal teaching experience. Maybe what I go through and the way I feel is not unique. In fact, I know its not. In this blog, I want to shine a light on the teaching profession based on day-to-day experiences, positive and negative, inspiring and challenging.

This blog sometimes serves as a confessional. Everyone makes mistakes, even teachers. Here, I can write about them and the sometimes hilarious consequences of my actions. Teaching is quite the roller coaster ride and a grand adventure.

I hope that by reading this, others will get a small view into what makes teaching the greatest career.

Thanks for reading!